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Faux Leather Tablecloths

You want the beauty of leather but without the high price. Look no further than our selection of faux leather tablecloths. Opt for a runner style along the tablecloth's middle section, or appreciate the perimeter coloring around the edges with our leather look tablecloths. Our faux leather tablecloths are a best-selling customer favorite. Each of these tablecloths is made with high-quality material, are easy to clean and will enhance the look of your dining area with a dazzling touch!

At The Closeout Connection, our commercial-grade vinyl tablecloths come with a sturdy build. If you spill anything on the Avalon, Torrence or Ventura restaurant-quality vinyl tablecloths, these wipe-clean table covers require only a quick servicing. A damp rag and a smile are all that are necessary to return a luxury waterproof tablecloth back to perfection. Liven up your home like a real restaurant with a heavy-duty, flannel-backed vinyl tablecloth purchase today.