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Cotton Everyday Bedding Sets

The 100% Cotton Bedding Sets are made with 100% Cotton and 300 count thread.
The 8PC 100% Satin Cotton Bedding Set is made with 300 count satin cotton and designed with reactive printing.

satin cotton is created with a different structure in the weaving process. The process method is four-over, one-under.
This method places more threads on the surface which gives it a sheen and luxurious silky feel.

The reactive printing is created by the color or pattern being in the fabric itself and not just on the surface .
This process creates a sharper and more vibrant design and is less likely to fade.

Do your sheets wrinkle?
Unlike many sheet brands we don't use any artificial wrinkle-free chemicals in our sheets. Like any 100% cotton products, your sheets will naturally wrinkle but your sheets will wrinkle less and less with every wash and use, but we recommend hang drying your sheets to prevent significant wrinkling. If you prefer to use a dryer, we recommend taking your sheets out of the dryer 5 minutes before the cycle ends and hanging them to dry.

100% Cotton Bedding Sets 100% Satin Cotton

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