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Elegant Disposable Dinnerware - Special Occasions with Less Expense!

If you’re looking to add a touch of elegance to your celebrations without the investment, worry, or work of fine china, The Closeout Connection’s selection of elegant disposable dinnerware allows you to impress your guests without the hassle of cleaning, worry of breaking china, or buying plates you may only use once. It’s easier than ever to throw an elegant event – our paper party supplies bring class and convenience to your event.

Choose from a wide selection of fancy paper plates & elegant plastic plates including our selection of china-like disposable plastic plateware, designed to mimic fine china and provide an elegant serving solution for your events. Our Imperial, Lace and Continental Wavy collections provide disposable dinnerware inspired by the fine plateware used by elegant hotels, restaurants, and caterers. Even add an extra bit of presentation with our Mini-ware selection, providing the perfect unique vessel for small desert, condiments, and dips. Plastic flatware that mimics and shines like its metal counterparts, and fancy cocktail napkins to pull it all together.

Browse our selection of elegant paper party supplies, disposable plastic dinnerware and more today to find the perfect plating solution for your next celebration. At The Closeout Connection, we provide you with top-quality products at rock-bottom prices. Let us help you make your next event a smashing success! At The Closeout Connection, you can find the party supplies you need, at cheap prices you can afford while not compromising quality. So why pay for more?